Diane Alred writes, “Joey and Lindy are amazing!! They are sweet, sweet people! They did a great job at communicating to us about our puppy! Loved the puppy cam and getting to check in on our little guy daily! Highly recommend Gunstock Creek Kennels!”

Lynn King writes, “Joey and Lindy are amazing and they love and take the best care of their Dogs and Puppies! They are just good, kind and loving people…not to mention they produced two of the sweetest Black labs that are part of our family – Oakley and Ellie 💗

Ashley Low writes, “Joey and Lindy are amazing!! They truly love the puppies. You get videos, pictures and updates weekly. When we picked our little guy up he was already learning how to fetch. At only 9 weeks old our puppy can fetch, sit and shake and crate trained. I cannot say enough good things about Gunstock Creek Kennels.”

Rhonda Sexson writes, “So my youngest son has asked on several occasions “why do I not have my own puppy/dog? You and my brother have your own dogs. So why not me?” I had many conversations with my husband about getting him his own puppy. Those conversations took place over a year!! One night while I was on Facebook, someone shared Gunstock Creek Kennels new litter. I immediately fell in love with the chocolate pups!! I sent pics to my husband and he responded with “yeah yeah cute”. Took me almost two weeks to get him to agree to go and “look at the pups”. He finally caved!! My husband is actually the one that picked out our “Xena”. He fell in love with her the moment he picked her up. We could tell as soon as we pulled in that the pups, mom and dad were highly cared for. They were all happy and playful and the parents were very inviting and interacting well with us. Joey and his wife have done an exceptional job in breeding and raising beautiful “family members”. They were very accommodating and very easy to work with. They allowed us as much time as we needed with all of the pups to make sure that we picked the right one for our family. Not only are they very professional but also very personable. They not only make sure you have chosen the right pup but also make sure that you are the right fit for their pups. They go out of their way to make sure both parties are happy. When I took Xena, our warrior princess, to the vet for the first time, our vet was in aww!!! She said that she was one of the most beautiful labs she has ever seen and could not find anything wrong with her. She said on many occasions throughout the visit “wow, she is so beautiful and in such good health and that this breeder is a very good breeder and that we were very lucky to have found such an outstanding breeder”. Now my vet is very particular, and has many comments, but has families that drive to see her from Tennessee and north Ga, so for her to say such great things about Xena, I knew we made the right decision in regards to breeders. Xena is still thriving and growing rapidly and in good health. We get so many compliments on just how gorgeous she is and her beautiful eyes. She is now my son’s baseball team mascot and is loved by so many. When they have another litter we will be the first in line to get another pup!!! Xena’s temperament is great. She gets along well with our other dogs and fits right in. I can not say enough good things about Gunstock Creek Kennels and the pups that they deliver.”